You may have noticed that the food you buy at the supermarket or in a restaurant does not look as appetizing as the advertising photos we usually see on television or even the packaging of food itself. What many people do not know is that these foods we see in the advertising photos are not edible.

The reason is because commercial food photographers like to use various kinds of inedible products, so that foods look more attractive to the consumer.

The Youtube Top Trending channel has posted a video with 10 tricks that photographers use to create more compelling food images.

These are the 10 tricks that were used in the video.

1-Wet cotton balls are heated in the microwave to create long-lasting steam

2-Mashed potato is used to fill the meat and give some consistency to the food and, with the help of dyes, serves as a substitute for the ice cream that melts very fast with the heat of the studio lights.

3-When you are photographing cereals with milk, they quickly become withered, so they use white glue to give consistency and keep crispy cereal.

4-The marks that are usually seen in the grilled steaks, are made with polish of shoes.

5-In ice cream the whipping cream also melts very quickly, so it is used shaving foam.

6-For the fruits to become brighter, they are sprayed with spray deodorant.

7-Colored wax is used to give consistency to the sauces.

8-Cardboard is used to create layers of cakes and the fixings of hamburger.

9-Raw poultry are stuffed with paper and hand painted to create a golden appearance.

10-The pancakes absorb very fast liquids, so they are sprayed with cloth protector and the syrup is replaced with motor oil.

Rui Medeiros
Rui Medeiros

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