Photographer Build a major format camera 8 × 10 entirely by hand

Photographer Dieter Schneider began building cameras about five years ago, and last year he built a 4 × 5 camera using a CNC machine. This year he went further, creating a full-size 8 × 10 camera by hand without using computer-aided machines.

"In this video, I want to show you parts of the process from start to finish," says Schneider. "Everything is done by hand".

Dieter Schneider
The camera has a classic look, was made with cherry wood and brass and was designed for photographing wet boards.

"I also spend a lot of time in the finishing process to make the camera look as good as I can," Schneider told PetaPixel. The entire compilation, from start to finish, took about one month.

Here are some photos of the final camera:

Source: PetaPixel

Watch the video below

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