Viral - Father and daughter serve as models for Halloween, see the final result

Simply amazing! Photographer Julie Peveto did a photo shoot inspired on Halloween, her role models were her husband and daughter, the final result could not be more impressive.

Julie Peveto is a photographer from the suburbs of Dallas. Her love for photography began in high school when she took a film photography course, all her friends and is brothers served as role models for her to photograph. She had her first DSLR in 2010, after her daughter was born. Julie started to photograph her. She loves melancholic images in black and white, and also in color.

Julie Peveto has recorded a number of photographs, but her two favorite subjects are her husband and her adorable 7-year-old daughter.
Since she started the project, Julie's photos have been viral several times.

In 2014, when she saw her husband dressed as Baron Samedi for a trip to New Orleans with some friends, Julie saw a great opportunity for a daytime photo shoot.

She dressed her daughter in a similar and scary costume and did a stunning photo shoot near her house.

Rui Medeiros
Rui Medeiros

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