This old salt mine is gonna amazed you

An old abandoned salt mine in Turda, Transylvania, Romania, has been transformed into a tourist complex that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Salina Turda is a salt mine located in the Durgău-Valea Sărată area of Turda, the second largest city in Cluj County, Romania. Since its opening to tourists in 1992, Salina Turda has already been visited by around 2 million Romanian and foreign tourists.

Salina Turda was placed by Business Insider at the top of her list of the ten "best underground places in the world". Similarly, Salina Turda was once ranked among the "25 gems hidden all over the world that are worth the walk".

Salt was first mined here during antiquity and the mine continually produced table salt from the Middle Ages until 1932, after which it was closed for 60 years and opened again as tourist attraction in 1992.

The mine has a museum, swimming pool, table tennis and boating, and also gives guests walking tours of the entire facility. It's an incredible space,

Inside the mines of Salina Turda, there are several rooms and galleries that can be visited.

Now as a popular tourist destination, there is so much to do there in below.

Guests can even take a boat ride through the mine, which almost seems like a dream.

From the outside, it is a building with a strange architecture, but at the same time very beautiful.

But down there, things get more exciting.

Some parts of the facility look like a regular mine ...

While others seem to have come out of a science fiction movie.

The deepest part of the installation. Is the Terezia mine that is 394 meters deep.

The lighting inside the mine is what makes this place really from the space age.

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