Simply beautiful! Father makes a beautiful photographic series of his son with Down syndrome

Alan Lawrence has created a series of photos in which his 18-month-old son, Wil, seems to be flying, Alan made this photographic series to raise awareness about Down Syndrome.

Alan Lawrence is a Utah photographer who learned that his newborn son, Wil, had Down's Syndrome, at the time Alan's mind was flooded with various emotions, and most of them were not very positive. Now Alan says that his son brings a light to his family.

The father has created a series of photos called "Wil Can Fly," in which your baby seems to be flying in several different scenarios.
Lawrence, who began taking the photos when Wil was only months old, created the illusion that he holds his son in the pictures and then cut himself out.
He posted the photos on his blog - That Dad Blog - and later on his Instagram account.

After receiving positive feedback, Lawrence decided to compile the photos on a calendar and intends to donate half of the resources to two foundations of Down Syndrome, KSL reports.

Lawrence said his goal is to raise awareness about Down Syndrome. He himself admitted in his blog that he and his wife Nikki knew very little about the disease when Wil was born in October 2013.

The father said he hopes to photograph Wil 'flying' in other destinations to raise awareness. He also told ABC that he hopes to help other people abroad who do not have access to the same level of care through their YouTube channel by posting therapy tutorials.

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