Roberta Mancino the Most Sexy and Radical Model in the World

If you've never heard of Roberta Mancino, then it's time to take a few minutes to get to know this beautiful model. The Italian model gained worldwide recognition in 2010 when she was voted by Men's Fitness magazine as the sexiest athlete on the planet. The detail that was not disclosed by the magazine is that this brunette is also considered the most radical athlete on the planet.

Roberta Mancino was born in Italy, and was only 16 when she did her first job as a model for a magazine.

Nowadays Roberta Mancino, besides being an international model, is also a Skydiver athlete, Base Jumper, Wingsuit Flyer, she practices any and all radical sport that specifically involves life threatening.
In all, the Italian model has already made more than 7 thousand jumps, has already won several awards and world records, the model has also made 4 jumps being completely naked for a photo shoot.

In all the jumps she has already made, her parachute did not open for 5 occasions.

Watch this video of Roberta Mancino practicing Wingsuit Flight over an active volcano.

Rui Medeiros
Rui Medeiros

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