Man spends over $ 30,000 in plastic surgeries to become his favorite super villain.

A Marvel fan has spent more than $ 30,000 on multiple surgeries to become his favorite super villain.

There are no limits for some people, that is why there are some people in the world who make various changes in the body through plastic surgeries, just to make them look more like their favorite idol.

Henry Rodriguez spent about £ 30,000, or about $ 37,739, just to stay as the super villain of Marvel, we are talking about the red skull (Red Skull).
For those who do not know, Red Skull is a Marvel character whose real name is Johann Schmidt. He is the greatest enemy of Captain America and an officer of the Nazi army.

Although not in favor of Nazism, Rodriguez has a strong admiration for the Red Skull since he was a child. He admired him deeply. Little by little, it began its drastic transformation, a project that would take about seven years.

You may think this is just a great make-up job, but this work is permanent. Rodriguez underwent several plastic surgeries and numerous tattoo jobs to remain as Captain America's greatest rival.

Meet Henry Rodriguez, who is known on the Instagram as therealredskull.

Rodriguez is 37 years old, born in Caracas, Venezuela, and has a 3 year old son.

I would like to point out that I came from a very modest and traditional family, "he said in an interview.

It was not easy for my family to accept my lifestyle, but even so, they are still my family and a part of me.

As you can see here, Henry has several implants inserted in his forehead, a slow process that had to be done over a few years. He also removed some of his nose and tattooed his eyes in black and his face red, but he adds some make-up on his face to get a bolder look.

See its transformation in a period of 7 years

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