Just amazing, see what these 5 friends can do with beer bottles

This group of 5 friends calls themselves Botle Boys, and with just a few bottles of beer they manage to produce songs by famous musicians.
It all started a few years ago, when they were at a party and they decided to pick up some beer bottles and began to improvise with some music, soon the people began to gather around them, and from there they never stopped again.

You can see more of their work here on the band's official website. Botlle Boys

Watch this fantastic video of these 5 friends playing themes from some famous movies

The themes chosen were simply fantastic

1-20th Century Fox
3-The Exterminated of the Future
4-Game of Thrones
5-Pirates of the Caribbean
6-Harry Potter
7-Imperial March (Star Wars)
8-Dinosaur Park
10-Indiana Jones
Rui Medeiros
Rui Medeiros

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