Incredible video of the Brinicle, Underwater Icicle "Finger of Death"

A brinicle (brine icicle, also known as ice stalactite) is a downward growing hollow tube of ice enclosing a plume of descending brine that is formed beneath developing sea ice.

As sea water freezes in the polar oceans, salt brine concentrates are expelled from the sea ice, creating a downward flow of dense, extremely cold and saline water with a lower freezing point than the surrounding water.  When this plume comes into contact with the neighboring ocean water, its extremely cold temperature causes ice to instantly be formed around the flow.  This creates a hollow stalactite or icicle, referred to as a brinicle.

This unusual phenomenon was filmed for the first time by cameramen Hugh Miller and Doug Anderson in the Antarctic for the BBC One series' frozen planet.

Rui Medeiros
Rui Medeiros

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