Her name is Monica Riley and she wants to be the fattest woman in the world.

To reach the goal of being the fattest woman in the world, it is still far from being a reality for Monica Riley, 27, but this does not discourage her ultimate goal of reaching 450 kg and staying completely still.

To reach the goal of 450 kg, Monica counts with the help of her boyfriend Feeder Sid, who prepares him every meal od the day. At all she eats four McChicken, four Double Cheeseburgers, six sausages on a roll of bread, a large bowl of cereal and 30 Chicken Nuggets, which adds up to give a total of eight thousand calories daily.

In addition to the meals that the boyfriend cooks, he prepares a smoothie with ice cream and high-calorie foods that gives him through a tube. "The fatter I get, the sexier I feel," says Monica, who has had surgery two years ago to lose weight. Who ended up giving up and "accepting" himself as he is.

The couple wants to have a baby. Monica says it's possible to raise a child without leaving the room. Just hire a maid to help them with the house.

Rui Medeiros
Rui Medeiros

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